Welcome to my May pages! During the month of May we get our classroom ready for Open House. This year was a Rain Forest theme. My other fun themes are Ocean and Down on the Farm. Take a look by scrolling down. Many ideas from the Rain Forest theme are in Rainforest Adventure , Ocean theme are in  Ocean's of Fun and many ideas from the Farm are in Down on the Farm you can find these books in the Books by Kim link on the home page.


Miss Jordano's Rain Forest Adventure!

May 2008

We took Trader Joe's Bags and

painted them for our Safari bags!

We made t.p. roll binoculars!

These are our jungle safari boats

like at Disneyland!


We made a Safari Guide paper dolls

with our third grade buddies

My brother made me a giant poster

with all my guides!

This sink and float activity can be found in

Bookmaking Bonanza


We wrote a bout tree frogs

Our Rain Forest Quilt


Tree frog Math

Paper Mache Parrots!

In our jungle grass grew "dandy lions" and "parrot petunias"


Alligators all around!




Tree frog Fact and fiction!

We love the lazy sloth!



Chameleons are cool !


Grovey Gorrillas


Safari guides hung from the wires


Munch and crunch,

Munch and crunch

the Greedy Python eats

Kindergarteners for lunch!

Fancy Fireflies!

See how to make these kinds

of step books in Bookmaking Bonanaza



Published books are displayed



Little paper bag tree frogs

Layers of the Rain Forest!

More to come:)



See Below for some new ocean

additions from our Develpmental Kindergarten

in Mrs. Harrington's class

Dolphin fact books

TP roll pirates and parrots!

Too cute

 Ahoy Captain!

Paper Plate Killer Whales





Ocean's of Fun in Room 2

Ahoy Mateys!!!

I took a photo of each child in a pirate costume

then they picked their own pirate names


We all live in a yellow submarine


Fish in a net

Whale facts

We wrote our facts using interactive writing

Whale books display

Our vacation by the Sea!

We wrote stories and drew pictures about a beach vacation

Mr. Seahorse

Inside each seahorse are seahorse facts.

The seahorses are attached to tp rolls.

For more fun ideas on creative bookmaking

take a look at Bookmaking Bonanza.


Our sink and float bottle books

from Bookmaking Bonanza

Peanut Butter and Jellyfish sandwiches

On the back of the jellyfish are

jellyfish facts written by the kids

We made paper mache fish

Our Ocean quilt.

It is a glyph!

Ocean Glyph Key:

Froot loops on octopus=age of child

Sandy background= likes to swim in the ocean

Water background= likes to swim in a pool

Sequins on fish= likes to eat fish

Glitter on fish= does not like to eat fish

Bubbles on fish= how many people in the family

Beach Buddy Mail Center

Giant lobster and facts

Living things need...

(Inside are cards to read)

Living things need water

Living things need air

Living things need food

Living things reproduce

Living things grow!

Our Mermaid book

Jumbo crabs with addition facts inside

for example 2 fish +3 fish =5

Jordano Beach Club Publishing

I type up the kids favorite journals

Diving for Pearls

Our Giant fishbowl facts!

Crab grass and sandcastles

S.S. Jordano Cruise  Line Cookbooks!


Boat hanging from the Boat House Cafe

(Our Playhouse)


Fishnet Fun!

We Love Pirates!

My Pirate Pack with great pirate patterns, books and more is avalible on www.teacherspayteachers.com click on sellers and type in Kinderbykim



Inside our treasure chest

(made from a paper lunch sack)

Is a message of what we will buy with all our gold!


Pirate Stew Is good for you!


Napkin books are fun to make!

We wrote a fun ocean story inside these cute hawaiian shirt napkins.

More creative bookmaking ideas in

Bookmaking Bonanza

On Kim's book links!

I'm a little crab crwaling on the sand.

You better watch out or I'll pinch your hand!

(Kids wrote this poem on the back)


This is our Pirate Graph of favorite sea creatures!

Miss Jordano's Deep Sea Explorers

We wrote shark facts using interactive writing.

Check out Interactive Writing for more fun ideas!



Our Sea Kings and Mermaids have stories on their backs.

Patterns are in Oceans Of Fun!


Down On Miss Jordano's Farm!

New farm ideas scroll down to see!

We made stuffed fruits and veggies for our produce bags

These are the veggies in our baskets

We wrote what part of the plant each veggie grew from

 Mrs. Wishy Washy!

 Find these patterns in Down on the Farm

 Farm Fresh Watermelon Addition


Giant Piggy

He sat around our cookbooks

 Giant piggy facts done in  interactive writing

For more writing ideas check out

Interactive Writing on Kim's Books link

 We wrote pig facts !

 Piggy banks made from mini water bottles

Firefly step books

See how to make in Bookmaking Bonanza


Frog Fun

Paper Mache Chickens

The Very Hungry Caterpillar puppets


We wrote cow facts using interactive

writing and the used our hand prints for the cows spots!

This is our hayride board!

 Tasty Stuffed Apples


Handprint Sunflowers

Mr. Rabbit carrot addition


Scarecrow Glyph

This pattern is in Down on the Farm


Down on the Farm big book. Each child made a

page. The picture is with their 3rd grade buddy


 Little duck subtraction


 The sequence of the birth of chick is inside the egg.

You can find this idea in Bookmaking Bonanza


 Little Birdies Addition

 Favorite Farm animal graph

Carrots are growing on the farm!

Check out our potatoes!

Each child wrote what they would turn thier food into!

Yummy strawberries

We grew turnips too!

I have a giant felt barn to cover

the front of my playhouse

This is the cover of our mini book "Buzz Buzz"

The focus sight word is "said".

If you like theses books check out

Sight Word Books level one and two

on my Books by Kim page


Midnight On the Farm!



Counting pumpkin seeds,

Oh waht fun!

How many seed inside this big one?


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