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Our Valentine bags!



February Quilt

Friends I love big book


February word wall.

We used this to make our "boxes of love" seen below.

"Words I Love" box.

We made this box from a white paper bag.

More fun paper bag ideas in Bookmaking Bonanza!

These are our Abraham Lincoln hats. The writing says:

Abraham Lincoln lived in a _____ cabin.

Kids write in the word" log".

Loved ____ read.

Kids wrote in the word "to". Was _____    ______

president. Kids filled in the words "the" and "16th".


Round and round the wheels go.

Look at all the words we know!


Happy 100 Day!


This is my nephew Paolo.

He made this darling 100 day hat

in his kindergarten class in Santa Barbara CA.

  I had to make it with my class too!ra

We have been doing an author study on Eric Carle.

We read The Tiny Seed and painted flowers like Eric Carle.




We painted characters from our favorite Eric Carle Books. This darling board is in my team partner Charlyn Medina's classroom.


Valentine Math Journal page of chocolates in a box



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